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“The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone” is a series of children’s books about the positive and safe uses of drones. Real-world drone information is combined with entertaining stories and illustrations to make a memorable book series that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Future books in the series will focus on “How Drones Work” and “Using Drones for Good.”

Book 1: Photos from the Sky

Leah loves to take pictures. Every month, she submits her photos to the library’s photo contest. So far she hasn’t won. The limited subjects and ground-based view of her neighborhood are frustrating. Until… Leonardo the Drone comes into her life! Leah practices flying Leonardo, and by way of several anxious moments, learns how to be a good drone pilot. Together Leonardo and Leah take amazing photos and videos that view the world from a whole new angle. She gets excited again about her pictures and knows her next photo contest entry will be quite unique!

Links to Drone Photos & Videos

All the books in “The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone” series include actual drone photos as well as live links to this “Leonardo the Drone” website. As a bonus option, the reader or their parent can point their phone or tablet camera at the embedded QR graphic and a web browser can be launched to show Leonardo’s actual drone photos and videos seen in the book. Several pages of back matter are included that cover drone safety, regulations, and photography tips. 

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“The Adventures of Leonardo The Drone” is a sweet story that shows a positive use-case for drones, and it’s not one you might immediately think of. This use-case is empowering young people to not give up when things get hard, but instead to think outside of the box and become even better.

Sally French, Founder
The Drone Girl,

John Purdy writes a positive heart warming story about Leah, a young girl who loves photography and flying drones. Through the innovative use of website coding throughout the book, we get to enjoy the beauty and wonder of beautiful real drone imagery as Leah grows from being a novice to an expert drone photographer. A must read for anyone interested in the growing field of drone technology. Thoughtful, positive and technically accurate, this book is sure to inspire the next generation of young people towards science and technology. 

Captain Kennard R. Wells

Airbus A-320 Instructor

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