The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone:
Book 1: Photos from the Sky

Leah loves to take photos, but the views of her neighborhood are frustrating. Until… Leonardo the Drone comes into her life! Despite some anxious moments, Leah learns to be a good drone pilot. Together she and Leonardo see the world from a whole new angle, taking amazing photos and videos from the sky. She can’t wait for the next photo contest!

The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone:
Book 2: How Drones Work

Leah’s patience is tried when she finds her little brother playing with Leonardo like a toy. He’s curious about drones and starts asking lots of questions – some that Leah can’t answer. Leah shares her frustration about her brother’s inquisitiveness with her mother, but mom encourages Leah to use this as a chance for them both to learn more about how drones work. Leah and her brother research and learn about how the propellers make a drone move, how it’s controlled by radio and video signals, and what happens when photos and videos are taken. Leonardo helps out by demonstrating how he flies and takes cool new videos and photos!

​The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone:
Book 3: Drones for Good

When her neighbor’s dog goes missing, Leah and Leonardo are faced with a new challenge. They offer the skeptical neighbor their help, and quickly find the dog. Her now grateful neighbor realizes that drones can be used for good purposes and wants to learn more. Leonardo, Leah, and her neighbor explore the ways that drones are being used to help people, companies, and the world.

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